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Internships in Country Offices/Offices

Apply to our positions in your own country!

We have 26 country offices across Latin America and the Caribbean, plus offices in Asia, Europe, and the INTAL in Argentina. In our internship program, we will provide you with the tools and field experience to contribute to improving lives in your own country.

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FAQs for Internships in Country Offices/Offices

When do I apply for an internship at an IDB country office?

Our internship opportunities in your country offices do not have a defined timeline. Their dates are based on business needs, so please make sure to visit the link above often.

How long do internships last in country offices?

They could go from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 months.

Do you make exceptions with respect to nationality or age?

To qualify for an internship in our country offices, you must be a national of the country where you apply. Regarding age requirements, persons who are older than 33 could apply to other job opportunities posted periodically on our career section.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, Internships in country offices are paid.

What environment can I expect to find at the IDB?

Working with us, you will find an environment of diversity and inclusion where all are welcome.