We recognize innovation.

We prize teamwork.

We’re hiring across our member countries.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for individuals with a combination of technical and soft skills, a natural curiosity with a drive to innovate, and a desire to collaborate on solutions. In the job descriptions for each opening, you will find a detailed list of the technical and soft skills we are looking for. Whether in one of our 28 country offices or from headquarters, you can play a role in: Buscamos individuos con una combinación de habilidades técnicas y blandas, una curiosidad natural con la motivación para innovar y un deseo de colaborar para encontrar soluciones. En las descripciones de las vacantes encontrarás una lista detallada de las habilidades técnicas y blandas que estamos buscando. Ya sea desde la sede en Washington D. C. o desde una de las 28 oficinas de país, puedes tener un rol en: Nós procuramos profissionais que combinem habilidades técnicas e comportamentais, curiosidade natural e Na descrição de cada anúncio de vaga, você encontrará uma lista detalhada das competências técnicas e pessoais que estamos buscando. Seja em Washington D.C. ou em qualquer um de nossos 28 escritórios, você pode ocupar uma posição em: Nous recherchons des personnes offrant une combinaison de compétences techniques et de communications, dotées d’une curiosité naturelle, d’un appétit pour l’innovation et d’un bon sens du travail en groupe. Vous trouverez une liste détaillée des compétences spécifiques que nous recherchons dans les descriptions de poste de chacune des opportunités ouvertes. Que ce soit dans l'un de nos 28 bureaux de pays ou du siège, vous pouvez jouer un rôle dans:

where you’re directly involved in the project—from identification and validation of the conditions to monitoring and evaluation. The skills required to be successful in this area are a mix of project management, negotiation, communication and financial skills combined with sector, country or regional expertise.


in a number of specialized functions. These functions require experts in the field—attorneys, finance, human resources, procurement, communications and IT specialists—who ensure the conditions are met for the operations of the Bank to run smoothly and effectively.

The types of contracts we offer

We also hire professionals on a fee basis for specific tasks and projects, under the following short-term options: También contratamos profesionales para desempeñar tareas y proyectos específicos con base en honorarios bajo las siguientes modalidades de corto plazo: Também contratamos temporariamente profissionais para tarefas ou projetos específicos. Os contratos de curto prazo se enquadram nas seguintes categorias: Nous engageons également des professionnels pour des tâches et projets spécifiques, dans le cadre de contrat a durée déterminée:
Full Time Staff

we initially offer a fixed-term contract of up to 3 years which can be renewed.


Consultants : Individuals who provide consulting services normally associated with specifically defined products or expert advice or services. Contract duration is anywhere from one (1) day to a maximum cumulative lifetime total of thirty-six (36) months within the IDB Group, regardless of whether the service comprised a single contract or multiple contracts (including internships).  


Contracts without time limits may be offered to consultants to meet the specific needs of operations, for the delivery of specific products and/or services, which are provided in an independent, autonomous manner (i.e., off-site).

  • Each fulltime staff position has a specific title (Analyst, Specialist), while short-term contracts are shown with titles of Consultant.
  • You’ll first see general background information about the IDB in each job description. Simply scroll down the job listing to see its specific roles, responsibilities and qualifications.